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Familie Herold

Rainer Herold

Rainer Herold was born close to the city gates of Hamburg-in Reinbek, he spent the most part of his youth on the island of Sylt due to his mother's vocation. In 1962 after the Great Flood, the family moved back to Hamburg. From 1966-77 Herold worked one of the biggest Hamburg advertising agencies. At the age of 30 he turned his passion for art into his profession. He opened his first gallery in 1978. His first publication was released in 1981 about Friedrich Kallmorgen (1856-1924), a forgotten impressionist. 1984 he moved into a space in the Poststrasse in the center of Hamburg. Here he devoted himself from the beginning to the work of the Hamburg artists from 1870 to 1950. New publications and exhibitions helped these artist gain new found recognition. 1996 he opened a dependance in Kampen on the island Sylt which transported the gallery to national prominence. Since 2005 the Hamburg gallery can be found in the Colonnaden 5 close to the Binnenalster.

Katharina Marie Herold

In 2014 Galerie Herold became a family business. The same year Katharina Marie Herold, daughter of the founder, opened her own gallery in Keitum on Sylt. She completed a masters in Art History at the University College of London and gained work experiences at auction houses, galleries, a painting restorer and a renowned antique dealer. Alongside modern northern german art, she deals in selected antiques and jewellery. In 2011 she founded her own company "Heroldian Jewellery". The creations are one of a kind handmade pieces, taking inspiration from antique designs.

Patrick Iain Herold

Patrick Herold joined the family business in 2014 after spending 12 years working in advertising in Europe and New York. Patrick, with his partner Elizabeth Polkinghorne, also specializes in contemporary Northern German art, and plays an active role in the Hamburg art scene.

Karin Herold

After 17 years as a teacher, Karin Muir-Herold became a full time partner in Galerie Herold.